My name is Ben Winterroth and I would like to welcome you to OMNI - my fitness platform that is built around the core training and nutritional principles that helped transform me from someone with little to no experience in swimming, biking, or running into an elite triathlete. I have had the honor of being awarded USA Triathlon Age Group National Champion, Ironman Gold All-World Athlete (Top 1% of all Ironman athletes), and have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona four times. My most recent effort on the Big Island was my best ever - 9:06.

Although I did not have a background in endurance sports, I was armed with an education in the biomedical sciences and love for competition. I first leveraged this scientific experience to hack my body into a stronger, lighter, and more fuel efficient frame. Physiological testing was a vital component. Secondly, I was able to break down and decode the technique necessary to endure 140.6 miles of swimming, biking, and running. Thirdly, I radically changed my diet to increase fat burning potential, reduce inflammation, and promote maximum recovery. Lastly, I studied every aspect of my equipment, narrowing down the tools that helped me train harder and race faster. The good news: all of this information can be passed on to you!

OMNI is more than a training or nutrition plan. It is an entire platform dedicated to giving you the strategy, knowledge, and vision necessary to take it to the next level. I offer this unique combination of science-backed services, unparalleled experience, and most importantly, the personalization and mentorship that is necessary to prosper.

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OMNI Services

Training and Nutrition Plans

Sport-specific training plans tailored to your needs and goals. Regardless of your current fitness level, OMNI builds plans to suit your lifestyle and fitness goals. Life is difficult enough, so let OMNI customize training and nutrition plans that emphasize quality and efficiency, delivering you to the starting line in the best shape possible.

Annual and quarterly plans are available for those who would like a longer-term approach to their training. Already have a great foundation of base training? OMNI also offers hourly consulting and customized weekly training plans for those athletes who are preparing for a particular race or need help improving their technique, power, VO2, and lactate threshold.

Comprehensive Fitness Programs

Physiological and laboratory testing is an integral part of any training regimen and serves as the foundation for establishing accurate training zones. Sure, you can go out and punish your body everyday, but without the proper testing, your training will be ineffective.

Understanding your aerobic zones and lactate threshold is essential to creating the muscular and cellular adaptations that will launch you to the top of the podium! OMNI provides a variety of physiological tests, ranging from a basic aerobic analysis to running / cycling specific blood lactate testing. We also work with a variety of laboratory testing affiliates throughout the United Staes to make sure your body is responding optimally to your training

  • Recovery
  • Body Composition
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Physiological Testing
  • Laboratory Testing

Bike Fitting and Form Analysis

Comfort and efficiency are the keys to success in endurance sports and my time working with professional athletes at Specialized has validated the importance of aerodynamics and biomechanics. Whether swimming, cycling, or running, my form and technique analysis will improve power, efficiency, and speed, while mitigating injury.

OMNI also offers a suite of bike fitting solutions, ranging from an entry-level fitting to a premium service using video analysis.

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